Parker Refill 5th Mode Black - Medium (M) (Quinkflow) / Fibre Tip Pen Refill 1pc Black (ORIGINAL)

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Parker Refill 5th Mode Black - Medium (M) (Quinkflow) / Fibre Tip Pen Refill 1pc Black (ORIGINAL)

PARKER 5th Technology Pen Refills ~ Advanced Writing, Renowned Ink

Experience a more personalized style of writing with PARKER 5th Technology pen refills. Featuring an innovative flexible tip that adjusts to your style of writing in just a few words, every thought flows with unparalleled precision. This PARKER ink is also incredibly smooth and designed to effortlessly glide with no leakage. Available in a striking range of colors, your PARKER refill invites you to experience the pleasure of advanced penmanship.

-------------Adjusts To Your Writing Style-------------
Advanced PARKER 5th Technology tip adjusts to your writing style in just a few words. This groundbreaking innovation delivers a smooth writing experience that’s at once deeply personal and incredibly precise.

-------------Smooth, Consistent & Leak Free-------------
PARKER ink refills are designed to provide a smooth, reliable flow of vividly pigmented ink with no leakage – It’s the perfect ink for your most important notes and documents.

-------------Authentic PARKER Ink-------------
The choice of generations and a mark of unsurpassed quality, authentic PARKER ink delivers a consistently smooth, refined writing experience.

Product Details
- Black ink
- Medium point
- Durable and practical
- Fluent and clear writing
- Suitable for signing purpose
- Fits ALL Parker 5th Mode Pens