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OHTO Refill PS-107NP Needlepoint for Ballpoint Pens - 0.7mm (F) | Standard Parker Style G2 Ballpoint Refill [1pc]

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**Product Details**
- 100% Authentic & Genuine Refills by OHTO (Made in Japan)
- For use with ANY Brand Pens with Standard G2 pattern 'Parker-style' refill
- G2 Standard International Ballpoint Refill
- Length: 97.5mm | Diameter: 6mm
- Colours: Black
- Tip Size: Fine = 0.7mm [Needle Point]
- High quality and reliable for strong, precise and clean lines.
- Each refill is 100% brand new
- Pack of 1 Refill

100% Authentic & Genuine Refills by OHTO (Made in Japan)

This high-quality refill features vibrant, smear-resistant ink that dries in a flash, making it especially convenient for left-handed writers. Its precise needle-point tip gives you a clear view of the writing surface and is great for drawing along templates or a ruler.
Needlepoint ballpoint refill for OHTO Tasche and Vi-Vic ballpoints. The PS-107NP is a Parker-style refill which will fit a wide range of ballpoint pens, giving you the option of a 0.7mm needle tip, writing a fine 0.35mm line. Available with Black ink only.
Note that the PS-107NP is a direct replacement for OHTO's P80-07NP and PS807-NP refills, and fits all the same pens. It has a greater ink capacity, with a write-out length of 2,800m.

Established in Japan in 1929, OHTO manufactured the first ballpoint pens in that country in 1949, and have been consistently at the forefront of pen technology ever since. OHTO are well-known amongst writing instrument aficionados for the Tasche pocket fountain pen and the Promecha series of mechanical pencils - both supreme examples of OHTO's quality and innovation.