Parker Quink Ink Bottle 57ml Black / Fountain Pen Ink Bottle 1pc Black (ORIGINAL)

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Parker Quink Ink Bottle 57ml Black / Fountain Pen Ink Bottle 1pc Black (ORIGINAL)

Experience the time-honoured ritual of fountain pen writing with PARKER QUINK bottled ink. The deeply saturated colours and a smooth-writing formula combine for a luxurious writing experience. An elegant and trusted choice, PARKER fountain pen ink comes in a carefully designed glass bottle with a screw top to prevent leaks. Rediscover the authenticity of bottle filling with PARKER ink bottles.
- Added lubricity for a smooth flow
- Deeply pigmented, permanent and quick drying
- Elegant glass bottle with a screw top
- Available in 4 colours: Black, Blue, Blue-Black and Washable Blue

Smooth Writing
Formulated with added lubricity for unparalleled smoothness, you enjoy consistently dark marks the moment the nib hits paper

Intense, Deep Colors
Permanent, deeply pigmented and quick-drying, PARKER fountain pen refills ensure your writing is both impactful and precise.

Authentic PARKER Ink
The choice of generations and a mark of unsurpassed quality, authentic PARKER ink delivers a consistently smooth, refined writing experience.

How to Refill Your Fountain Pen
1) First, prepare your PARKER fountain pen by removing the cap and unscrewing the nib to reveal the empty plunger.
2) Submerge the nib in ink. Either twist or slide the plunger to draw ink into the cartridge until it’s as full as you’d like.
3) Remove any air bubbles and ensure smooth ink flow by simply twisting or sliding the plunger to force out three drops of ink.
4) Use a soft cloth to wipe away any excess ink. Then, reassemble the pen and enjoy the luxurious thrill of writing with a PARKER.

Product Detail
- Colour: Black
- Product Volume: 57ml
Product price is per bottle