Parker Refill Ballpoint ECO - Blue (Quinkflow) / Ball Point Pen Refill 2pc per pack (ORIGINAL)

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Parker Refill Ballpoint ECO - Blue (Quinkflow) / Ball Point Pen Refill 2pc per pack (ORIGINAL)

The smoothest, cleanest, and most consistent Parker ball pen refill ever.
Fits all Parker ballpoint pens and any pen taking the Parker-style ballpoint refill.
Ballpoint pens are convenient for daily use. Parker's Quinkflow technology provides smoother, cleaner, more consistent writing performance.
Parker Quink inks are specially designed and formulated to the most exacting standards to ensure that Parker products deliver faultless performance.

Product Details
- Blue ink
- Writing length: approximately 3500m
- Durable and practical
- Fluent and clear writing
- Suitable for signing purpose
- Fits ALL Parker Ballpoint Pens (Parker IM, Urban, Sonnet, Duofold & more)