Parker Vector Ballpoint Pen - Stainless Steel (with Blue - Medium (M) Refill) / {ORIGINAL} / [RetailsON]

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PARKER Vector ~ Essential Series ~ Ingenuity Icon

The Vector pen features Parker’s clip, an emblem of Parker’s rich history and heritage. The iconic shape of the stainless steel body and cap provides a touch of everyday elegance. And, the Vector line comes in a variety of finishes to compliment your own unique style.

Vector ink formula was designed to never skip or smudge and dries quickly. That means your handwriting stays clean and never skips. The Vector allows you to have the ultimate fine writing experience.

The unique mechanical design of the Vector tip uses a two-ball design, which reduces friction during writing. That allows for smoother, cleaner, and much neater writing.

**Product Details**
- Brand/Model: Parker Vector
- Writing Mode: BALLPOINT Pen
- Mechanism: Press to OPEN - Retractable - Top Button
- Refill: Parker Refill Ballpoint Blue - Medium (M) 1.0mm (Quinkflow)
- Package Includes: Pen & Gift Box ONLY
- 100% ORIGINAL, Authentic & Genuine

**Remark: No Engraving, No Paper Bag, No Message Card, No Wrapping**