Pelikan Edelstein Ink Cartridges - Sapphire / Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges (ORIGINAL) [1 Pack of 6]

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For those who love to write with the extra smooth Edelstein Ink but prefer to use a cartridge, Pelikan now offers elegant metal cases filled with 6 large capacity cartridges. Every single cartridge is decorated with the Edelstein Ink logo. You can choose from the six most popular colours of the standard Edelstein Ink Collection in glass bottles.

To complete the “oh, là là”-effect, Pelikan has developed an extraordinary packaging: The boxes with their high-value embossing offer an elegant home to the cartridges which are nestled into a small piece of soft tissue paper. These small boxes not only slip easily into the pocket of your jacket but also make a perfect gift for all kinds of occasions – to accompany a thank you note, to welcome guests at a party, to treat yourself to a little something after completing a difficult task . . . and more!

These giant ink cartridges fit into every Pelikan cartridge fountain pen (as they have exactly the same shape as the 4001 giant ink cartridges) and make a particularly charming combination with the Pelikan cartridge fountain pens P200 and P205.

Product Details:
- Refill Type: Standard International Giant Ink Cartridges
- Size: 1 Pack of 6 Cartridges
- Colour: Sapphire
- Compatible for ALL Pelikan Cartridge Converter Fountain Pens & Other Brand Cartridge Fountain Pens
- Writing / Drawing Ink