Pilot G2 Refill Gel Ink - BLS-G2 0.5mm/0.7mm/1.0mm - Multi Colours / [for G2 Gel pen, B2P gel pen and MR series]

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**Product Details**
- 100% Original & Brand New Refills by Pilot Pen (Japan)
- For G2 Gel pen, B2P gel pen and MR series
- Multi colours & tip sizes

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From Beginnings aboard Ship to Creation of Gold Fountain Pen Nibs Made Entirely in Japan Against a backdrop of ruthless competition as Japanese manufacturers attempted to create a fountain pen, it was the two founders of what is now the PILOT Corporation, who overcame the numerous technological difficulties that stood in their way. They succeeded in developing a fountain pen that had been made entirely in Japan and that the world was proud to use, establishing Namiki Manufacturing, the forerunner of PILOT, to become industry pioneers.