Schmidt (Germany)

Schmidt Refill CAPLESS Rollerball MINI 8126 (MINI) - Fine (F) - Black/Blue | [1pc] | [RetailsON]

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- This refill **MINI 8126** is NOT THE SAME as P8126 or 8126
- MINI 8126 is MINI refill
- Recheck the length of your refill before purchase

**Product Details**
- 100% Authentic & Genuine Refills by Schmidt (Made in Germany)
- For use with ANY Brand CAPLESS **MINI** International European standard size refill.
- Length 76mm, diameter 7mm.
- Various Colours & Tip Size
- Fine (F) - 0.6mm
- High quality and reliable for strong, precise and clean lines.
- A stainless steel tip and ceramic ball for smooth gliding performance.
- Sophisticated ventilation system that stops the ink drying for extended shelf life
- Each refill is brand new and capped.
- Pack of 1 Refill
- ® The trademarks of the pen manufacturers are identified only for the purpose of providing refill compatibility information.