Taccia Sunao-Iro Ink Bottle (40ml) - Murasaki (Purple) / Fountain Pen Ink Bottle 1pc (ORIGINAL) / [RetailsON]

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Taccia introduces an all-new Fountain Pen Ink line, developed and made in Japan, and inspired by the Japanese way of seeing colours in a very pure, honest, and innocent way. All of the colours should give users the feeling they had when they were a child and saw a set of crayons for the very first time. The Taccia Ink colours are very true to the way we believe the colours should look.

Taccia inks have the perfect balance of permeability and viscosity so that it flows nicely on paper, but also is not harsh on nibs. The ink is carefully formulated with a neutral pH value so that it won’t damage resins or celluloid.

Taccia ink is available in glass bottles and in various beautiful water-soluble dye-based ink colours.

**Product Details**
- Added lubricity for a smooth flow
- Elegant ink bottle with a screw top
- Can be used in any brand Fountain Pens
- 40ml Ink Bottle
- 1pc

How to Refill Your Fountain Pen

1) First, prepare your fountain pen by removing the cap and unscrewing the nib to reveal the empty plunger.

2) Submerge the nib in ink. Either twist or slide the plunger to draw ink into the cartridge until it’s as full as you’d like.

3) Remove any air bubbles and ensure smooth ink flow by simply twisting or sliding the plunger to force out three drops of ink.

4) Use a soft cloth to wipe away any excess ink. Then, reassemble the pen and enjoy the luxurious thrill of writing with a fountain pen.