Taccia Ukiyo-e Ink Bottle (40ml) - Ainezu / Fountain Pen Ink Bottle 1pc (ORIGINAL) / [RetailsON]

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The Ukiyo-e is a Japanese printing established in the Edo-period (17th century) to feature the lifestyle, trend and play by the people of the time. The colours used for Ukiyo-e are too delicate to be expressed in a single word. Ukiyo-e ink reproduce these colours and will expand your enjoyment of drawing with fountain pens. The first 4 colours each are released as Hokusai and Sharaku collections. All inks are made of safe raw materials and all colours were supervised by the colour consultant, Hanae Matsumoto, in Japan. These ink collections were also produced by the stationery sommelier, Hiroshi Ishizu, and manufactured by TACCIA's factory.

**Product Details**
- Added lubricity for a smooth flow
- Elegant ink bottle with a screw top
- Can be used in any brand Fountain Pens
- 40ml Ink Bottle
- 1pc

How to Refill Your Fountain Pen

1) First, prepare your fountain pen by removing the cap and unscrewing the nib to reveal the empty plunger.

2) Submerge the nib in ink. Either twist or slide the plunger to draw ink into the cartridge until it’s as full as you’d like.

3) Remove any air bubbles and ensure smooth ink flow by simply twisting or sliding the plunger to force out three drops of ink.

4) Use a soft cloth to wipe away any excess ink. Then, reassemble the pen and enjoy the luxurious thrill of writing with a fountain pen.